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Monday, January 31, 2011

How to download free games for your Wii

Sigh, you got a Wii, but you don't want to burn a hole in your wallet. Boy, did I save your life and money. This guide will guide you how to get wii games for free. This ain't one of those websites where they force you to pay them membership fees just to download games. So, what do you need to get awesome Wii games?
  • An internet browser
  • A download manager(recommended)
  • A disc to burn your game onto it
  • A disc burner(most computers have this)
  • A Wii(duh)
You basically have everything except maybe a download manager and a DVD to burn your game onto. For the download manager, open my blog in a new tab and search for download manager. It should come up, so just download it and install it. As for the discs, you can get them very cheap. For 50 DVDs, I got it for RM50/$20. If you really want to save, buy DVD RW discs. These discs basically mean that they can be reburned over and over again. Generally,
they're more expensive when compared to the -R and +R versions. But in a long run, its worth it.

Things you have to download before you can start(download and install all of them)
OK, once you got all your crap, let's start (:
1. Open your browser and copy and paste that URL into your browser OR click here.
2. Search your game and you'll most likely see a list of URLs. Good, you're in the right track. Download every one of them by going to each link and click on Download. Make sure you download the .SFV file if there is one, it will help you to make sure your game isn't corrupted.
3. Once you've downloaded everything, make sure that their valid by highlighting the parts you've just downloaded > right click > Verify Individual File.  Highlight the parts again and right click > 7-Zip > Extract to... > Name your file and choose where do you want it to extract to > Click OK
4. Once you've extracted, open up PowerISO, and click Open and find your .ISO file(what you've just extracted)
5. You're almost done. Insert a blank DVD and click Burn. *Here's the important part: Make sure that the burning speed is set to 4x. Any faster than that, and it might corrupt the game.
6. This step isn't for everyone. But I had to do it anyway. Once you've burned your disc, you can happily insert your disc into your Wii. If it comes up with an error message saying you have to update your Wii, then update it. *To people who hacked their Wii - be cautious, as this may ruin your hack or malfunction your Wii.

What these mean:
Highlighted in orange: Might be unavailable, or unnecessary.

Here's the video guide:

You're basically done! Happy Wii-ing, and I hope to see you online (:

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