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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cyber Clean Review

Remember those days where your phone gets all the dust in the speakers or the mic? Or the time where your computer's keyboard is filled with dirt and dust and you had a hard time cleaning them? And yes, if you have a lot of gadgets, you'll feel frustrated. That's when I saw this product called Cyber Clean. It's basically a sticky piece of gel that squeezes through almost anything getting rid of dirt and dust in tight places. At less than $9.00, its a good purchase.

The container looks something like this
Cyber Clean's container
Yeah, I wasn't kidding about it being a piece of gel.

How it looks outside the container

You can see this in action here

Yeah, one more thing. DON'T RUB IT. Just press or squish it on a surface because it will brake apart. So, you can just keep on using this until it changes colour. It comes in two versions, Original and Automotive. Original is mainly for home & office use and Automotive is for vehicles. They both cost around the same price. Click here to go to their website.


  1. i got one, and mine turned to a blackish colour.. :P

  2. then change it :D but did it clean your stuff?

  3. Could I used the Cyber Clean to clean the screen of my Apple iPad 64GB wifi 3G? is safe to used ?

  4. James: no, you shouldn't use it to clean your screen. just get a matte screen protector or a microfibre cloth (:



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