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Friday, January 28, 2011

Avast 5.0 Not Replaced Yet

I've just downloaded the latest Avast Free antivirus, and tried it out. As I said, they've replaced 2010's version with 2011's version. If you've read my previous post, I thought this version was Avast 6.0, with new features. But guys, no, this is the same version as 2010's. If you were really hyped about 6.0's release, I'm sorry but this ain't the time yet. But, I do have good news (: After researching about 6.0's release, I found out that they are going to release it, but I'm not sure about the date. You can check yourself here, and one of the features I did find that was official was the sandbox software that comes with the free version. That's all I've found out so far. I hope that it'll be better than 5.0.

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