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Friday, January 28, 2011

Backpack/Rucksack or Slingbag??

Hi there (: just did some research on DSLR bags, and there are so many to choose! After doing a lot of research, I've finally limited to these two bags. The first one is the Kata DL Hybrid 537. Its a sling type bag which is a big plus. I can keep taking photos and changing lenses without any problems. But it doesn't support a laptop compartment and I really need one for travelling because that eliminates that one extra, unnecessary bag. And it can only hold up to 2 lenses, which is a big bummer. It supports a tripod compartment which makes this such a great bag.

Kata DL Hybrid 537

The second choice is the Kata DR 467i. This isn't a sling bag ): which means it might be difficult to change lenses. Yes, it holds more gear, I think its up to four lenses(perfectly suits how many I have) and it has that laptop compartment. The main compartment can keep lots of stuff(handphone, chargers, filters, flashes, laptop accesories, etc.). It also has a tripod compartment :D The only thing I'm not sure with this bag is, whether will it be easy to draw out my camera and lenses?

Kata DR-467i

Comment, thanks.

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