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Friday, January 28, 2011

Extra security when it counts

Your antivirus is already pretty good, you think. But what you don't know is how much better it could've been with an additional software. Now, don't be all defensive and say your antivirus is the best. Yeah, we all know how great your antivirus software is, now shut up and leave this blog. This post isn't about antivirus softwares. It's about antimalware/antispyware softwares that aid your antivirus to find that undetected virus. In the year of 2010, so many were spawning with their own antimalware/antispyware softwares. Not all are good, so choosing the best is the best for you. Since I've been into this(researching and trying out different antivirus softwares), I recommend MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. They've been so successful, rumours have said that Iobit, an antivirus company has stolen their virus definition database. I'm not so sure whether the case is still ongoing, but that proves how successful MalwareBytes is.

They own the market with their quick scan's speed. My computer is about 200GB+ of stuff and it scanned less than 10 minutes. But, I do face some problems. One of the most prominent ones were the lag when you start a scan and it often says 'Not Responding' and crashes after that. But I notice that it doesn't crash as much in Windows 7. If you've nothing against those problems, then the choice is obvious.
MalwareBytes User Interface

The second choice is SuperAntiSpyware. Its a very good antimalware/antispyware software. Yes, for those are wondering whether this catches malware too, don't be deceived by its name. I've used this before I've known MalwareBytes. I'd prefer this because there isn't any crashing problems or lags when its scanning unlike MalwareBytes. And visually, SuperAntiSpyware wins hands down with their GUI(Graphical User Interface). Scanning time isn't something to talk about because its just mediocre. All in all, you should try both, and see which suits you. Any softwares to recommend? Comment below. Thanks.

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