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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Google finally indexed my blog

You love blogging, and you want more visits to your blog. How? It starts with the Google Search Engine(or any other Search Engines like Yahoo! or Bing). Customers/Visitors usually use their own Search Engine(Google being mine) to find a website for their own interest. Google indexing your website is a very, very long process. It's more of being lucky than the length of time. Reading from a Google forum, how it works is - Google has a "bot" that travels to every new website that's created. Since I created this blog not too long ago(2 weeks), I thought it took much, much more time. Some bloggers even have to wait longer than 3 months in order to get their website indexed. So, I FINALLY GOT INDEXED, WOOHOO!

Wanna see if it works? Go to Google, and type in "Life. Photography. Gadgets. Games."(without quotes, with fullstops) and click the I'm Feeling Lucky button.

Click on the image to enlarge

Voila! Impressed?(Click to enlarge)

Thanks for reading this blog post. Click the ads and keep the numbers going (:


  1. Sorry to dampen ur spirits, but NO ONE would actually google search "Life. (fullstop) etc." That's why ur niche was unique, because no one else has a header like urs. So u see, u shud focus more on optimizing on one title instead of hoping people to enter your blog header into google.



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