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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why an iPhone will always be #1

Everyone knows the iPhone. Ask your mom or dad, even though they aren't tech geeks, they still know what an iPhone is. Why? Because Apple did a good wonderful job in creating their own mobile phone. Phones used to be boring old candybars or sliders, until the iPhone came, and changed that old concept. And because Apple is so successful in this, everyone is following Apple's innovation. Look at Nokia, Sony Ericsson or even Samsung. They're all following Apple and creating phones that are just simply amazing. But, what splits Apple from the rest?

1) An Apps Store
Apple's advertise this everywhere. And it's true! They have almost every app you'll want and ever need. Games? No problem. Apple's music player - the iPod Touch is   doing so well, that it's overtaking Sony's ultimate portable gaming device - the PSP(PlayStation Portable). Before the iPod Touch came out, the PSP was the must-have portable console of the year.

2) It's pure innovation
Unlike other phones, Apple started their first phone as a touch screen phone. It was a daring move, but it did pay off. Since Apple released their first iPhone, everyone has been queuing up waiting for the iPhone year after year. Yes, Malaysians, even in Malaysia people wait in line for their turn to purchase the iPhone. It's not overrated, like other phones. It is truly genius. Apple would be like any other brand, if it weren't for Steve Jobs. He's the CEO of Apple, and he's a pretty good one too. He's the brain behind Apple. 

3) It's unique
Apple was being special. Everyone used the primitive candybar & slider format, and eventhough they had PDA's at that time, Apple was more than a PDA. They were an all-in-one device. They offered gaming like no other brand could. Their touch user interface was so user friendly, people that hated complicated stuff used it and loved it.

4) An accessory freak
No, I'm not calling the iPhone a freak. It's an accesory freak. Since Apple announced the iPhone, thousands and thousands of cases showed up out of nowhere. Before the iPhone was announced, its more of China brand cases being sold, everywhere. Just like Apple's Apps Store, you can just about any case that suits you. 

There are a few reliable cases around, though. The Bumper Case, a case from Apple themselves, is unique for those who're tired with the old snap-on or silicone cases. 

For those who are okay with those conventional cases, the Griffin FlexGrip Punch looks great and offers protection with style. 

There is one other case I'd recommend since I tend to always bring a portable battery. This case is called Mophie Juice Pack Plus. So, its basically a case that provides protection for your iPhone and a battery built-in the case to give you extra juice. And we all know how poor iPhone's battery life is, despite the latest version, iPhone 4.

5) It keeps on gettin' better
The first iPhone brought capacitive touch screen, a new technology to mobile phones. It had multitouch, a feature we never had, till Apple came up with the iPhone. The iPhone 3G came with 3G support and that's when the Apps Store was announced. The iPhone 3GS was even faster, and had a 3.0 MP camera and had video recording and editing capabilities, as well as voice control. The iPhone 4(current iPhone) had a 960x640 resolution Retina Display(competes with Super AMOLED technology) making text, photos and videos really sharp, a 5.0 MP backlit camera, a gyro axis, better performance and battery life. Not to mention the new stainless steel frame design Apple designed, which also acted as the antenna and the long awaited iOS 4 that supports multitasking and creating folders - a feature that users were waiting for.

There, 5 reasons why an iPhone will always be #1. Of course, there are always other alternatives as mobile phones. Try searching for Android(and maybe, Blackberry) phones, they're not as apped as Apple's Aoos Store, but they're definitely worth your hard-earned cash.


  1. and im still waiting to get my first iPhone :)

  2. @ken: yeah, i want one too :/ currently have a cheap Android, not as good as iPhone.



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