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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Avast 6.0 Review

What's up guys? The long awaited Avast 6.0 is out! Yes, I'm not kidding. It's out. And along with this new antivirus, there were a couple of features that the Free version inherited from the Pro version(paid version).

Avast 5.0 had the best interface and so did Avast 6.0. There are some tweaks here and there for the new features. But, any Avast 5.0 user will easily be able to access it. I'm actually happy that Avast did this because their previous version, 4.8 had a very, very bad interface. Everything didn't make sense.

Virus definitions?
No changes here, Avast didn't report anything about a new virus engine.

Scanning Time?
Yes, a sure winner. Avast 6.0 is as fast as 5.0, or even faster. This makes Avast, a good choice compared to other Free antivirus softwares.

How does 6.0 fair up against 5.0 and 4.8?
In my honest opinion, 6.0 was a major step up from 4.8. 4.8 was crappy, slow, sophisticated(in a bad way). 6.0 is just like 5.0, but improved. It's faster, nicer and it's just so easy to use. Not to mention Avast put a new virus engine to catch those viruses that do penetrate your current antivirus.

New features?
Yes, Avast 6.0 got a couple of new features worth talking about. They installed the rather anticipated 'Sandbox'. If you're an avid user, you should know what's a Sandbox. It's basically like a box and everything you download or install goes in there. Anything that's in that box won't harm your computer at all. If the process is terminated, any changed settings will revert back to the original. What more a virus that can kill your computer? Yes, before this, I used a software called Sandboxie; a sandbox software. It's freeware and you can download it here.

There's also a new website rating feature. If you've WOT(Web of Trust) this is similar to that. Since millions use Avast, Avast decided to add this feature. And basically it tells you whether a website is safe to enter or not. Sadly, there's only plugins for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Avast promises a Chrome plugin(yay) soon.

Other than that, Avast added a dedicated widget for Windows 7 and Vista. It's like Norton's widget if you've used it before. Very simply tells you the status of your system and a couple of settings.

Lastly, there's the Script Shield. I'm not going into that 'cause I don't really know what that does. But, I've heard that it's a feature from the Pro.

*UPDATE*: The installer's size is now 20% smaller.

Final thoughts
Avast is the antivirus software for everyone if you asked me. It's easy to use, has quite impressive virus definitions, faster and light on your computer. I think it will last me for a few years unless they change their interface back to the 4.8. Even though Avast placed a new virus engine, I still don't feel 'secure' enough. I'd get an antimalware software like Malwarebytes.

Rating: 4.5/5
Definitely Recommended

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