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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Canon or Nikon?

Canon and Nikon have been dominating the DSLR market. And there's the question,"Which DSLR brand is the best? Canon or Nikon?". Both Nikon and Canon cameras are as good as each other. You can't just follow your friends to determine which brand you're going to use. YOU have to choose it yourself. But of course, if someone were to pass their gear on to you, you won't have a choice. But what if, no one was going to pass their gear on to you?

Canon and Nikon dominating the DSLR sales(Canon gaining sales in mid 2005 and Nikon getting back at its game at the end of 2007)

Honestly, the only difference I can see between Nikon and Canon are the history of how they started. Canon got the advantage in 1987 because of the advance autofocus system(EOS - Electro-Optical System). That's mainly why there are more Canon consumers compared to Nikon's. Despite's Nikon autofocus camera that came 1983, it was a sluggish and slow system compared to Canon's.

I prefer Nikon's DSLRs and Canon's P&S(Point & Shoot) cameras just like others prefer vice versa. I feel Nikon's layout for DSLRs are more sensible than Canon's. When I use a Canon, it just doesn't feel right. Like the ISO button shouldn't be there, or the on/off button should be there instead of here. But since I'm used to Nikon's layout, there's no point arguing about ergonomics. Choosing which brand is important because you're going to stick with it for a few years(possibly more than 15 years, if they're maintained properly)

Canon's lenses variety is huge mainly because they create the same lens but different versions of it. Here's an example, there's a higher-end Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens and there's a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L USM. And the price range difference is about RM3000/1000USD. The only difference you're getting is the IS(Image Stabilization) and you might not really need it. First off, you already have a fast aperture at f/2.8 and if you're buying this lens, you most probably have a pro body that has good ISO performance.

For Nikon users, we don't have to crack our heads deciding which lens over the other. Sure, there are "updates" to the lens like a newer VR/IS technology. And usually, Nikon will just discontinue the lens when there's an "update".

As for camera bodies, Nikon's beginner DSLRs have a higher burst rate than Canon's. I don't know why but for higher end models, it's totally the opposite.Canon's burst rate outmatches Nikon's. Canon's autofocus system also beats Nikon's in terms of speed(even now). I guess the head start really had an advantage. Despite Canon's impressive burst rate, Nikon tends to focus more on their sensor for outstanding image quality and ISO performance.

Let's face the fact, there are more Canon photographers mainly because of their advanced autofocus system 1987. If Nikon had a better autofocus system, I don't see why Nikon can't outsell Canon. Hope this post helps you choose your camera! (:

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