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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Being Kinect-ic

Wireless controllers are the must have nowadays. The Wii was the first to use wireless controllers followed by the PlayStation Move and the Microsoft Kinect. The Wii had the motion detecting capabilities. It was a hit and a very sellable console. The Wii came up in 2006 and it competes with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3(PS3). Not too long ago, Microsoft and Sony came up with their own wireless controllers. Sony came up with the PlayStation Move whiles Microsoft was waiting for the right time came up with Microsoft Kinect.
Sony Playstation Move

Microsoft Kinect(goes with Microsoft Xbox 360)

Microsoft Kinect really changes the way gaming is. Having the Microsoft Kinect means you don't need a controller because YOU are the controller. Watch the video if you don't get what I mean.

Compared to Sony's PlayStation Move.

Clearly, Microsoft Kinect wins hands down. No controller? Hell yeah. You just have to move your body as if you're holding the controller. But I'd prefer the Sony Playstation Move. Why? Mainly because you need the Xbox if you want to use it and the Kinect is very limited and there's a huge delay when it recognizes your body. Maybe when the patches get rid of the limitations and delay, I'll probably consider it. Eventhough the PlayStation Move's controllers look gay, its still worth the money. Remember, it's only a controller and you need to think about which console you're going to get first. PS3's got almost the same graphics as the Xbox 360, Blu-ray player and better variety of games.

So how does the Wii still hold up against the Kinect and PlayStation Move? Don't be too hard on the Wii because you're dealing with something 4 years later. If you want fun games for couples, family and a bit of hardcore get the Wii. As for hardcore gamers, you have to choose between the Kinect and the PlayStation Move.

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  1. I have the move, really nice to play esp their sports games, esp gladiator! waiting for the kinect too <3



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