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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to choose cases for your phone

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or any other phone, you might want to consider getting a case to protect your device. However, do keep in mind there are a few things to consider when you're out choosing your case.

1) Matte over glossiness
Most of the cases these days(especially those China branded ones) are quite glossy. Cases like these will make your case very scratch-friendly. You wouldn't like your brand new iPhone in a cheapo case that looks like crap, right? When you're out case hunting, just look around for matte cases. You'll appreciate the matte case much, much more than those glossy ones. And matte cases, usually look better!

2) Don't be penny wise, pound foolish please
A lot of people that I know, have this mentality. Look, investing in a proper case will be much better than those 'cha-pa-lang' cases, trust me. I've been there and done that. The last thing you want is a case that just gives way because of the crappy material that they use.

3) Make sure all your buttons work properly
If you're thinking the case will spoil your phone's buttons, then that's not what I meant. Cheap cases(China branded ones), usually have this problem of the ports or buttons slots not being cut properly. Yes, most of these cases might not fit your phone properly. So bear in mind, if you're buying those cheap cases.

4) Go to a retail store/seller
Yes, this is the number one thing I'll ask anyone to do(even my mom or dad) when they're considering to buy a case. Go to a retail store. There will be loads of cases to choose from. There's a shop called MacWorld or something similar in One Utama. I definitely recommend that shop because of the vast variety of cases one can discover. They have two shelves filled with Apple accessories for crying out loud! As fussy as you might be, you're still bound to find a case that suits you. Check this link for more info: Apple's Retail Distributors

Other tips from me...
Okay, many salesmen, usually just promote their products or say things that aren't true. Silicone cases, are usually very bad in quality. I'm usually scared when there are slots, 'cause these might just give way causing your iPod or iPhone to drop out of the case(a few cases like these happened). The average price of a case is usually around RM60-RM80+ for an iPod or iPhone. All the best.

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